Catalogo 2001 del Rotary International

Pubblicazioni, programmi audiovisivi e materiale del Rotary International e della Fondazione Rotary

Indice per numero della pubblicazione visibili sul nostro sito web

Report of Action of the 2001 council of Legislation of Rotary International

001-EN This Is Rotary

RI Publications and Audiovisuals

128-EN   New Opportunities Grants Application

132-EN Ambassadorial Scholarships Leaflet

145-EN Rotary Peace Grants

150-EN Helping Grants Application

159-EN Rotary Foundation Facts

160-EN Group Study Exchange Brochure

193-EN Rotary Grants for Universityleachers  Leaflet/Application

219-EN The Rotary Foundation Quick Reference Guide

254-EN  How to Propose a New Member

259-EN  Public Relations Possibilities  

267-EN Rotary Fact Pack: Rotary facts, The Rotary Foundation, Rotary Figures at a Glance, Rotary and Volunteerism, Rotary International and PolioPlus, Rotary and Youth ,

Rotary History
, Ambassadorial Scholarships, Rotary and Peace,

271-EN Promoting Rotary on the Web

300-EN  The Rotary Foundation Handbook

333-EN Getting Started in Rotary

335-EN  RE Print PSAs Children, Educational, Hunger, Planet, Polio

337-EN Order form for Rotary printed material

337-IT Modulo di ordinazione materiale stampato del Rotary

345-EN Rotary Foundation Print PSAs: a- we make the difference, b-Invest in your community,

378-EN  Preserve Planet Heart

414-EN Strategies for Member Education    

417-EN Membership Development and Retention Manual       

604_EN Rotary responds to AIDS

605B-EN A Menu of Service Opportunities

682-EN Rotary’s Service to Women

728-EN Join the fun! Join the Fellowship!

729-EN Rotary Recreational and Vocational Fellowships Handbook    
746-EN Youth Exchange Handbook; Appendix A, Appendix B, Appendix C, Appendix D, Appendix E, Appendix F, Appendix G, Appendix H, Appendix I, Appendix J, Appendix K, Appendix L, Appendix M, Appendix N, Appendix O

754-EN World Community Service Projects Exchange 2000-2001

755-EN Youth Exchange - Making a World of Difference

756-EN Discover Your World: Short-Term Youth Exchange

763-EN Short-Term Youth Exchange Program Application Form

784-EN World Community Service (WCS) Project Data Form

900-01 EN RI Theme Folder 2001-2001

900-00 IT RI Theme Folder 2000-2001

913-EN A Special Message From 2000-01 President Frank Devlyn: 21st Century Challenge

916-EN Membership Development Package

917-EN Rotary’s Global Quest

This Is Rotary

Join the Fun!

Rotary facts,

The Rotary Foundation ,

Rotary Figures at a Glance,

Rotary and Volunteerism,

Rotary International and PolioPlus,

Rotary and Youth,

Rotary History,

Ambassadorial Scholarships,

Rotary and Peace

Recommended Rotary International Leadership Development Training Cycle

Membership Development: Six Retention Ideas

Membership Development: 10 Easy Ways To Attract And Retain Rotary Members

20 Answers to the Question: Why Join Rotary?

The Rotary Foundation Of Rotary International: Service Award For A Polio-Free World Nomination Form

Rotary’s Membership Starts with YOU

SHARE Allocation Workbook